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Species Hotel Sculpture Walk

bees swarming in the species hotel at Ross Tasmania

Location: Northern end of Church Street.

The Species Hotels are exactly that… hotels for our diverse native wildlife that helps them thrive. The way they are designed attracts them to the nesting boxes.

Tasmania’s midlands is recognised as a Biodiversity Hotspot, one of the most important parts of Australia for species diversity, and one of fifteen recognised across Australia.

Agricultural and cropping activities over the last 200 years have caused dramatic changes to 80% of the landscape in the midlands, causing the grassy woodlands to all but disappear, affecting many of our unique animals, birds and insects. The native landscape is in patches, removing safe corridors for the the fauna to move about, affecting their hunting grounds and mating environments.

The project has created a number of wonderful structures for the animals, birds, and insects to use, providing shelter and access to food.