Visit Ross

Artist’s Talk

MoST Members and Friends

Guest speakers:

  • Patrick Sutczak – Sculpture Tasmania Inc., Ross tin Can Sculpture Show (September)
  • Dr Lousie Wallis – Species Hotels Project, Biodiversity in the Ross Landscape
  • Debra Cadogan-Cowper – Set In Stone Workshop & Exhibition (November)


Date – Saturday 11 September 2021

Time – 11.30am

Where – Thistle Inn Stable Gallery Church St Ross

Lunch – Will be available at the Man of Ross Hotel Conference Space Church Street Ross

Site Visits – the Species Hotels and Ross Historical Quarry.


Cost of Artist’ Talks – MoST Members free, Friends $5.00 to be paid on the day.

Patrick Sutczak will meet with guests and members at The Thistle Inn Stable, Church St Ross, at 11.30am to view the Ross Tin Can Sculpture Show exhibition. The exhibition is supported by Arts Tasmania, the Cadogan-Cowper Family, Rant Arts, and the Northern Midlands Council. The group will then head for the Man O’ Ross Hotel across Church Street. Patrick will then discuss the ideas behind the Tin Can Show, the interest the event has stimulated, and the future direction for Sculpture Tasmania and the Tin Can Show.

Attendees are invited to enjoy lunch which can be purchased from the Man O’ Ross Hotel, (of course bringing a packed lunch is an option! The Village Green is next to the hotel). Lunch will be served at 12.30 pm in the conference room; discussion and conversation can continue over the lunch break.

At 1.45pm Dr Louise Wallis, who has been involved with the Species Hotel since its inception, will talk of the significance of the project, the support from the Von Bibra family, UTAS, students, and funding bodies. The talk will be followed by a site visit to the installations.

The hotels are designed in a way to encourage insects to nest, acting as a form of room service for birds, bats, and other mammals’ -Nel Smit

The Artists’ Talk will continue at the Ross Historic Quarry where blocks of sandstone have been cut since the early 1800’s. The tradition of cutting and carving will be carried on during the Set in Stone workshop and exhibition.

Sponsors are the Tasmanian Wool Center and the Northern Midlands Council. Debra Cadogan-Cowper will discuss the process of the exhibition and the techniques involved in hand carving sandstone. The November exhibition will be held at the Tasmanian Wool Center.